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So, this is probably going to end up being filled with a lot of things that make me go all fangirly. Enjoy~

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I made this long Twilight summary a while back but I never shared the whole thing with you tumblr. I should probably point out that I’ve only seen 2 of the movies and not read any of the books so there might be 1 or 2 teensy errors…. 

As a person who read the books, I can say this actually happened.  

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So, what with the whole issue of the RSM censoring a lecture a week and a bit ago, and the fact that I continue to see it talked about, I thought I would (rather politely, I think) ask them why they think they should decide what ideas should be allowed on campus. 

They deleted my comment and blocked me. That’s cool I guess, but they want enlightenment and go about it through censoring people? I think that’s a major disconnect. 

University is about the exchange and growth of ideas. Censoring people is wrong. And am I the only one who gets the total 1984 vibe from the fact that they want to police ideas?

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I believe that in some cases being placed in mental health institutes for your mental health problems is beneficial given the alternatives. Deinstitutionalization is not a wholly good thing since it can lead to a certain  percentage of mentally ill people being sucked into the prison system based on behaviours that break social norms and laws.

And, considering mental health care within prisons is not exactly stellar (see Ashley Smith case), it is to these peoples benefits that they do not end up in the system that can’t say no. Not to mention, at least in Canada the government becomes your health care provider and you are put on the cheapest medication, even if you previously were using a name-brand variation.

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